New Relaxer

Well I finally broke down and got a relaxer after a year and a half. For a while I was getting them every 6 months but then the stylist I USED to go to screwed up and only relaxed about an inch of new growth when I had about 3 inches of new growth! I was so mad because there was a section of hair that was wavy/kinky right in the middle of the length of my hair. I had straight hair at the root, then 2 inches of wavy/kinky hair, then the rest was straight from the old relaxer.

So I waited a year and a half to get a relaxer because I didn’t want my hair to break by getting another relaxer over the hair that was freshly relaxed down to the spot he missed. It took so long to comb my hair when I washed it by the time I got the relaxer. I was REALLY close to cutting it all off and my hair is past my shoulders. So, from now on I am going to watch in the mirror when the stylist puts in the relaxer to make sure they are covering the right amount of hair.

Anybody else have problems like this?

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