How to Put in Hair Extensions by Yourself

If you want longer hair there are so many ways to instantly change the length. There are sew-in extensions, fusion, glue-in extensions, clip-in extensions, invisible extensions, etc. The best kind of extensions to get are sew-in extensions. If done properly, they will not damage your hair and will help your own hair grow. The hair you will need is called a weft. It is basically a long row of hair that has a seam at the top. You will need to measure and cut the hair according to the size of your head.

You will need a hair extension needle and hair extension thread which you can find at wig stores that sell hair extensions (also called track of hair or weft of hair), hair extensions (color and length is up to you), tiny hair bands that say they do not cause breakage (found at wig stores) sealant or clear nail polish (optional), and a pair of scissors. The first thing you have to do is leave out about three-fourths to 1 inch of hair out around the perimeter of your head to cover the tracks. Leave out enough hair on top of your head to cover the tracks where you will part your hair. Next, you need to create a base, or braid pattern, on your head to sew on the extensions.

You will do this by French braiding (also called cornrows) your own hair. You should start at the top and braid back to the bottom so that your braid pattern is vertical. Secure the end of the braid with a hair band. Continue to do this until you have braided all of your hair except for the hair you left out on top and around the perimeter of your head. Now you have to sew the ends up against your head. Take one-half of the braided ends from the left and fold them over to the right. Sew them down against your hair that is braided. Do the same for the right side and fold them over to the left. Sew those braids down to secure them against your head. Now it’s time to add the hair extensions.

Take the end of the weft of hair and measure how much you will need to fit across the back of your head starting at the nape of your neck. Cut the amount of hair you will need. This next step is optional. Some people like to seal the weft to prevent shedding of the hair. You do this by applying the sealant or clear nail polish to the end of the weft where it has been cut. Let it dry. Starting at either the left or right side of your head, sew the weft of hair (horizontally) to the cornrow. Tie off the thread with a knot. Measure the next row of hair, and repeat these steps until you reach the top of your head. After all of the hair is sewn in, blend the hair that you left out to cover the tracks. You can now trim, cut or style your extensions however you want!

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